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Website Maintenance Plan

People use the internet all the time to explore, find information and make informed decisions before they buy.  

It is vital that your business website fully and professionally represents your public on-line presence.  It serves as a professional business platform 24/7. 

It is the era of customer convenience, so people want to make use of your services and buy your products on-line. 

For this…  Your website needs to be Interactive, User & Mobile-friendly and Search-Engine-Optimised.

3 Top Criteria for an Optimised Website


People find your business easily and quickly when they search for services and products you provide.
Vital for SEO.

Smooth User Experience & Interaction

It is a pleasant experience to land on your website and find what they are looking for. It is easy and professional to do business with you on-line.

Achieve your Business Goal

Your website provides a platform for users 24/7 so that they conveniently and where-ever they are can make use of your services and buy your products. 

How do we as business owners with websites achieve this?

Explore these essential website elements to sustain your business.

Clear Business Description & Goal

Your website clearly describes your business.

A visitor land on your page, and within a quick scan, max 3 seconds, they know they are in the right place and want to explore further.

Your website purpose is clear and they know what action to take to engage.
They make an informed decision before they buy from you.

Website Content

First of all, all website information is up to date. It is worthwhile to do a website content audit at least annually.

Content within the right context provides a pleasant and professional visitor experience and promotes Trust, Expertise and Authority for your brand.

A clear content hierarchy and order makes it easy and simple for them to navigate and engage with you. 

Header on each page represents your business logo, brand name and a clear content hierarchy.
Strive for five headings promote a clear and easy structure.

Consistent Footer on each page is the ideal place for sitemap links and Copyright, Privacy, Disclaimers, Terms of Use, Refund Policies. 

Reputation Management

You know how crucial it is that you promote positive brand awareness, and responding to people’s comments, enquiries and feedback.

You know the different Social Media platforms and websites where users engage to voice their satisfaction or concerns about your business. 


Website Domain (URL) & Hosting

You have secure and well-managed website hosting with an appropriate domain name (URL).

The right legal and ethical policies are in place which ranges from Copyright, Terms of Use, Disclaimers and Privacy Policy. 

Ongoing Web Analytics for Performance Review

Web analytics and maintenance metrics have been setup to monitor your website.

Insights from these reports help you to keep track of how people use your website, and if this behaviour leads to business goals being achieved.

Accessibility metrics, page speed performance, SEO feedback helps you to stay on track and ensure your website provides the experience and professional presence your visitors want. 

When this is done regularly and continually, your website can be improved to promote the content your visitors need. 

Website maintenance is in place to sustain your website in an optimised way.

Website Performance

A mobile responsive website is not only the gold standard for convenience but also the bottom-line for visitors to find your website on-the-go within the shortest time possible.

Does your website load within 2 seconds max?

Website performance is essential for Search Engines to rank and crawl your website when people search for your service or products.   Page Speed and a SEO optimised website goes hand in hand. 

Website Structure & Design

A sustainable website structure provides a seamless and responsive user experience.  This means that website technical elements support how your business content is presented to visitors.

Here, clear, easy and thinking simplistic goes a long way to ensure that website title, purpose statement, business description, essential pages and site map provide the space where visitors can easily and quickly find the information they are looking for.  

Your website personality and style is clearly defined with consistent use of websafe business logo, fonts, visuals and colours to make up a user-friendly and pleasing page layout.


Essential Pages

Essential pages promote a clear structure of information your visitors need to know. 

Home page serves as a welcome and index page for your website. 

About Us page describes your business and who you are. 

Contact Us page provides your contact and location details, email address, social media details and links. 

Product and Services pages where one product or service is described per page. 

Blog page if you want to post regular articles or news updates. 

Custom Error page that guides the visitor back to the home page. 

Page Essentials

Essential elements on each page:

Only 1 version of URL to a webpage.

Page title is consistent to the page URL and H1 header with related and consistent keywords. 

Unique Page description meta tag, and a single H1 header.

H1 header describes the purpose of the page.

H2 header states the action your visitor want to take.

H3 and H4 headings to further structure content of more than 300 words for better readability.

Focused keyword meta tags appropriate to the page. Find out what your potential clients use as search phrases. 

Drilling down a bit more, for each page, you have Call-to-Action buttons or links your visitor use to engage with you in your business.

This is how you achieve your business goals. Remember 5 words maximum for a call-to-action.

Call-to-actions are typically used to entice your visitors to buy a product, make a booking, to subscribe, to provide feedback or make an enquiry.   

Where to from Here?

Website management with these website essentials ensure that a website work better to promote your business’ public presence on the internet.  Have you considered ways to easily update and maintain your website?

We can help you!

We provide more in-depth website reviews, personalised on-line support and website maintenance.

It is important for us to work with you and provide the best options to suit your preferences.

Please feel free to contact us when you want to improve your website in anyway and ensure website maintenance in a way that makes sense to you. 

We strive to empower you to enjoy a WoW website that fulfills your business needs. 


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